CRM for Real Estate.

Organize your real estate contacts, keep track of your property sales
and acquisition pipeline and close rentals and sales deals, all in one tool.

Build your real estate database in a single hub

Organize your prospect contacts – from buyers to landlords and renters – and add relevant information, making it easy to find the right client for your properties.

Keep track of property inquiries and buying processes

Stay on top of property inquiries from new clients and buying processes using comments, tags and customizable fields to gather all important information about your sales, all in one place.

Close real estate deals and
nurture your client list

From big sales to ongoing rentals, manage your closed deals and nurture your client list to encourage future collaborations and referrals.

Learn more about what Folk can do for your Real Estate projects

Dive into our use cases to know how our clients use folk to manage their contacts for Real Estate projects.

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