United States
QuantalRF AG is an emerging RF semiconductor company developing transformative wireless communication solutions to redefine the user experience. As an innovator of high-performance RF semiconductors, focused on front-end IC parts such as Power Amplifiers (PA), Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA), on-chip Filters focused on a wide range of communication systems including Wi-Fi 6/6e and 5G UHB (Ultra-High Band), QuantalRF is creating novel solutions to address to emerging connectivity needs of RF wireless systems. QuantalRF is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, with operations in the USA and Sweden. QuantalRF has an impressive portfolio of over 250 granted patents and applications with broad geographic coverage.
Founded date
# of employees
Company type
For Profit

General & financials

Estimated revenue
$1M to $10M
# of funders
Forrest J. Brown
Industry group


Top 5 investors
Dara Capital, Metellus
# of funding runds
Last founding
Total funded

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