Cruz Foam

Cruz Foam

United States
Cruz Foam develops structural foams intended to help end the global issue of plastic pollution from oceans. It produces bio-benign foam and eco-friendly EPS-alternative solutions that powers key industry leaders to be the catalyst for a cleaner environment. The company's products are produced from naturally sourced biopolymers that create a scalable, compostable alternative using the existing supply chain and at a similar cost. Current industry partners include consumer electronics, appliances, shipping, and consumer packaged goods. Cruz Foam was founded in 2017 and is headquartered in Santa Cruz, California.
Founded date
# of employees
Company type
For Profit

General & financials

Estimated revenue
$1M to $10M
# of funders
John Felts, Marco Rolandi, Xiaolin Zhang
Industry group


Top 5 investors
Techstars, Alchemist Accelerator, National Science Foundation, Sustainable Ocean Alliance, Sony Innovation Fund
# of funding runds
Last founding
Total funded

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