United States
Compound is a wealth management platform that provides users with a comprehensive financial picture of their liquid and illiquid assets, such as cash, securities, cryptocurrencies, real estate, and venture investments. In addition, for exchanges that are not already partner platforms, the company uses off-the-shelf integrations, and it manually tracks users' assets if they are held in particularly complex structures. For its tax filing service, Compound partners with platforms and provides the service in-house through a tax firm the company owns.
Founded date
# of employees
Company type
For Profit

General & financials

Estimated revenue
$1M to $10M
# of funders
Jordan Gonen
Industry group


Top 5 investors
Y Combinator, Lachy Groom, XYZ Venture Capital, Sam Bankman-Fried, SciFi VC
# of funding runds
Last founding
Total funded

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