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C2Sense is currently working to bring two products to market: Halo Diagnostics, a digitally connected immunoassay reader with a user-friendly hardware and software, provide near-PCR sensitivity to address the gap in the patient-to-provider workflow. The Halo hardware is supported by a cloud-based, HIPAA compliant software solution that provides real-time test results to patients using an app (iOS/Android) or a web portal and, simultaneously, can be shared with a Telehealth physician to expedite time sensitive therapeutic prescriptions. To rapidly scale this technology, C2Sense partners with with immunoassay test manufacturers that own large portfolios of antigen tests that, pre-pandemic, had been exclusively providing tests to hospitals and urgent care facilities. By pairing these tests with a digitally enabled, highly sensitive test readers, remote physicians have access to store and review the same test results their patients are seeing in real time. In conjunction with Halo, C2Sense has designed different sensing solutions to provide product quality information and counterfeit detection from the point of manufacturing out to the customer. Discretely printed onto or included in a product, the tags are safe, versatile molecular additives that instantaneously report valuable information about the status of a good. They identify counterfeits and, where required, they are designed to react to problems encountered in the distribution chain (temperature change, oxygen sensing, and more). The tags are compatible with products as small as a pill, or can coat entire packaging surfaces, enabled by the tags’ compatibility with a myriad of printing and coating techniques.
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For Profit

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$1M to $10M
# of funders
Eric Keller, Eric Keller, Timothy Swager
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Top 5 investors
Alumni Ventures, National Science Foundation, Propel(X), Moore Capital, Dream Incubator
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