June 21, 2023

Vol V: 🌴 Unleashing summer vibes

Teresa Lee
Content marketing manager

🌞 Here comes the sun… and the latest from folk

We can’t be the only ones feeling the heat! 🔥

Here at folk we’re finally ready to have our hot SaaS summer, because we’ve been hard at work sprinkling our app with more magic than a summer sunset. So dust off your flip-flops, grab a cool drink, and enjoy the latest updates from your favorite CRM…

folk get-together

photo of folk team on kayaks on a river

folk’s office is based in Paris but, like many of you, most of our team works remotely. That’s why it’s very important for us to get together every few months in-person at our folk-off events. This month found us in the south of France enjoying some quality face-time, nature, and a water battle on kayaks! We emerged refreshed and readier than ever to keep making folk better for you.

Feel the Magic (Fields) with a library of prompts

The words "Magic prompts crafted by the community" and examples of prompts

You probably know about Magic Fields by now (they got us to Product of the Week!) – our AI-powered custom fields. Anyone who’s tried any AI product knows that the quality of the output depends heavily on the prompt you write. We’ve made it easy to get the best results from our AI, by creating a library of readymade prompts for you to use in folk! Check them out here.

5 different ways Techstars is winning with folk

We all know how flexible folk is as a tool – right? If you were in any doubt, Techstars Toronto alone are using folk for 5 different use cases. Read our story about how this startup accelerator maximizes their network with folk. You might just get inspired!

Every little counts…

We all like to make noise about big releases and updates, but it’s the cumulation of small details that really make for a winning product. Here’s a selection of some petite but powerful updates in the last month at folk:

🔢 Number custom fields

🤗 New company view

👀 See all views in the sidebar

Get influencer-savvy with our exclusive webinar feat. Creable

🌊 Get ready to make a splash in your marketing with an influencer masterclass like no other!

Influencer marketing has become one of the most powerful ways to tap into an audience. But it can daunting to launch an influencer strategy.  We’ll be diving into this world with Daniel Ross, CEO of Creable, the ultimate influencer marketing tool. With Daniel we’ll teach you how to combine Creable and folk to make waves with this powerful channel, whether you’re just dipping your toe in or you’ve already launched that boat. It’s not one to miss!

Check out the replay here.