July 19, 2023

folk newsletter Vol VII: ⬆️ Elevating your August with the latest from folk

Teresa Lee
Content marketing manager

It’s the beginning of the end – of summer, that is.

While many of you are probably on holiday, or going soon, the pace hasn’t let up at folk. We’re squeezing out the last juice from summer in preparation for an awesome autumn.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Here’s the round-up of the past month’s latest and greatest updates at folk.

Revamped and Ready: Messages Raises the Emailing Bar

If you aren’t already using Messages in folk to send out ultra-personalized email blasts, you might want to start now. Especially as we’ve upgraded it so it’s the ultimate all-in-one emailing tool, right inside your CRM. You now can:

🚀 Send up to 5k emails at once. Powerful auto-personalization means each and every message is customized to the recipient

🤖 Create highly personalized emails for each recipient in your campaign with AI

👣 View detailed analytics at a glance (read, unread, clicked, not clicked, bounced) to track your campaign performance

💌 Follow up easily on every campaign

Messages features in folk

Replay: Fundraising 101 with Roundtable

If you missed our webinar with Evan Testa, CEO and co-founder of Roundtable, this is your chance to catch up. Some of the topics covered in this power-packed session include:

💸 Types of funding

💰 How to secure funding for your business

🤑 A live demo with Julie showing you how to manage an entire fundraising process all in folk

It’s not one to be missed! Watch the replay here.

Show me the money! Investor lists in folk

If you haven’t heard of Famous Lists in folk, plus you’re interested in lists of investors, you’re about to get your mind blown. On our website you can find tons of lists of investors, sorted by region and interest areas, ready to import into your folk with a single click! Check them out here.