February 6, 2023

folk newsletter Vol I: Hot off the press

Teresa Lee
Content marketing manager

Welcome to your brand-new folk newsletter!

🤗 Finding warmth in a world of AI

AI is the term on everyone’s lips – or screens – at the moment. At folk we’re as excited as anyone about the possibilities, and are leaning into using AI to enhance our product (watch this space!), but we’ll never lose sight of our north star: authentic and warm human connection.

At the end of the day, it’s human relationships that make or break businesses and organizations. Here at folk, we continue to work tirelessly toward that end: making it easy and fun to build strong and lasting relationships, so you can succeed in whatever you set out to do.

With that in mind, here are some of the most exciting updates from the past month.

😻 Product Hunt - Golden Kitty awards

Last year was a big one for folk, with multiple launches on Product Hunt, where we made Product of the day and month in 2022. Finally we were nominated for the Golden Kitty award in Productivity tool of the year, and were a runner-up for the prize. Thank you to everyone who supported us and voted – we do it for you!

💌 An email upgrade

Now you can not only add attachments to your messages, but you can beautify them with images in-line in the body of the email. Either upload your own or make use of our integration with Unsplash, giving you access to thousands of free, professional-quality images.

🔥 folkX: better than ever

If you haven’t already downloaded our Chrome extension (it lets you import contacts from anywhere on the web directly into your folk), this is your sign to do so. No need to open folk while you browse, add multiple contacts to your groups, edit and enrich contacts on the go, and more. It’s a big user favorite, so give it a try.